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Our daily specials mean
more action for less.

  • Unlimited + Glow Fridays
    Fridays 6pm - 10pm
    $20 Unlimited Blasters + Rivals + Glow

    FRIDAYS: For only $20 per player, explode into the nerf arena with your faster and stronger Rival blaster in hand for unlimited play from 6 PM - 10 PM! Don't forget to bring your friends!

    The rest of the weekend, we'll be turning on the GLOW after 6pm!

  • Adult Game Night
    Currently unavailable
    $20 Unlimited Nerf | Games & more

    On Saturdays, bring your friends for a little Nerf action with a whole lot of glow! We’ll be serving beer and wine too!

    Two players for price of one

    Grab your best friend (or frenemy) for a round of nerf blasting fun! Every Thursday, it's a Twofer: 2 players per hour for the price of 1.

  • group shot of kids at dartemup
    Group of 4 | $25

    Wednesdays mean it's only $25 / hr for a group of 4! Snag your friends and jump into the arena for a nerf blast! This includes Level 2 Rival or Blasters!

  • Weekend Group Specials
    Saturday - Sunday
    Discounts for Groups of 4, 8, or 12

    4 players | $45/ 1hr or $65 / 2hr

    8 players | $85/ 1hr or $130/ 2hr

    12players | $125/ 1hr or $195/ 2hr

Seasonal Specials

Summer Specials

Every summer, we come up with nerf specials to play to your greatest strengths, including longer and daytime hours. With school out, it’s time to focus on your nerf skills.

Winter Specials

Winter means fun specials to celebrate breaks, the holidays, and so much more. We change our hours to match your school schedule.