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Kids / Adults birthdays
Let your kid (or inner kid) loose for an amazing birthday!

Team Building
Create an action-packed experience your team can bond over!

Group Events
Get the team, crew, or family together for an awesome time!

We're all about community here, so have your Spirit Night or Fundraiser with us!




Nerf, Arcade, Drinks & More

Dart’em Up isn’t just about the nerf dart arenas (although it’s our main thing). To take a breather from the arena, explore the arcade games or grab a drink—we’ve got both alcohol and nonalcoholic beverages!

Private Arenas & Party Rooms

Escape the nerf crowd by targeting a private arena and a fully-stocked party room for your event. Our Apple TVs make it easy to airplay or airdrop photos and video!

Action Cams Available!

Capture your nerf battle in real-time so you can playback later to relive the glory, strategize for future games or laugh at your wipeouts and share them online!

Austin Birthday Parties Charity Program

For every 10 birthday parties we host for our awesome guests, we give a party away to one of these great local charities.  Want to host a fundraising or charity event? We’d love to have you! 

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Or call us at 512-735-1919