Match Options

Team Elimination

(Classic NERF Battle)

Participants divide up into two equal teams. They then use their Nerf guns to take out the opposing teams. Players who get hit leave the floor.

How to win:

The team that eliminates all (or most) of the opposing teams wins the game.

Humans vs. Zombies

As its name suggests, it involves a human team and a zombie team. The zombie team does not carry blasters and will try to tag humans to turn them into zombies. The human team carries blasters and will try to shoot zombies.

How to win:

The goal is for either the human or the zombie team to eliminate the other team through tagging or Nerf guns.

Capture The Flag

The participants divide into equal teams. The teams then defend their own flag while simultaneously venturing into the other team’s territory to capture their flag.

How to win:

The team that first captures the opposing team’s flag and brings it back to their home base wins the game.


Similar to Team Elimination, two teams battle. Players who get hit just ‘freeze’ and can be ‘unfrozen’ after being tagged by a player of their team.

How to win:

A team ‘freezes’ all players of the opponent team (or lower number of frozen players at end of battle time)

Total Chaos

An all-out war between all players, everyone for themselves!

How to win:

Last man/woman standing wins.

House Rules

General Rules

  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Beer & Wine available for those 21 and older.
  • Follow Arena Referee directions at all times.
  • All players must wear socks onto the arena floor.
  • Participate in a safe and responsible manner.
  • No food, drink, or gum allowed in the arenas.
  • Prevent collisions by maintaining an appropriate amount of space between yourself and others.
  • Do not participate if you have health limitations, injuries, or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or are pregnant.
  • We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property brought into or stored on the premises.

Safety Rules

  • All players must go through the briefing room for instructions and rules of the game.
  • All players must wear protective eyewear at all times.
  • Do not hit anyone with your blaster.
  • Headshots are not allowed.
  • No player with shoes will be allowed on arena. Socks Only!